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During the last year in ITC Market has been featured by a progressive increasing and high growth of the supportive structures to the new business strategies. The Internet and e-business world is the most evident example of this new relation between users and providers, that in many cases coincides with the migration from the centralized homogeneous structures to mixed heterogeneous architectures.

Redoracle Threats apply its specialized expertise and knowledge in consulting and design of complex and heterogeneous security systems. The updating and adjusting of the mission critical systems requires solutions extending the options beyond the "make" or "buy". In this field the consulting services deploy development and integration experts on the standard market environments.

The RedOracle Team - Highly Skilled Professionals, ready for Any Challenge

RedOracle consists of leading experts in the field of penetration testing and application security who have acquired in-depth understanding of attackers' methodologies. Each RedOracle member has extensive experience in application development and web application security. In addition, each member is an expert in a specific field, such as reverse engineering, rootkit development, protocol analysis, passive network recon and control systems analysis. The unique collection of complementing skills enables us to gather the right team for each project.

RedOracle Business Solutions

RedOracle Business Solutions

RedOracle brings together a blend of security specialists with backgrounds in management, engineering, systems architecture and support to create a uniquely intelligent and creative IT security business. From security system design to comprehensive forensic investigation and quality security training, our products and services are designed to secure and protect your business from today's proliferation of hacker attacks, fraud and viruses.

RedOracle has a broad range of security product and services. This ensures that we can provide complete end-to-end IT security solutions to every business including: system design and specification, security and penetration assessment, risk management analysis and policy procedure and design.

Threats & Risk Analysis

Design, deployment & code reviews with a security orientation.

Tailored Solutions

Solutions development aimed to mitigate vulnerabilities in proprietary applications.

Security Analysis

Review and assess the security of civilian and military command & control networks.

Extended Plan for Security

Definition of a detailed plan of organizational as well as technological intervention.

Security Training

We offer comprehensive IT security training from introductory level right up to advanced security services/ Noi offriamo una formazione completa in sicurezza informatica da un livello introduttivo fino a servizi di sicurezza avanzati.


We provide highly specialized IT security services that include full forensic analysis and investigation for businesses wishing to resolve HR issues, or for those who have been the victim of a security breach.


Our research teams ensure the complete integrity of our security knowledge and intelligence, and as founders of the Honeynet Project we gain valuable insights into the very latest security threats and vulnerabilities.