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The Swiss Army Knives of Cybersecurity

In the vast landscape of cybersecurity, there are specialized tools designed to address almost every conceivable threat or vulnerability. However, there are also miscellaneous security tools that serve as multipurpose instruments for a variety of tasks. Whether it's a robust file shredder, a flexible VPN service, or a versatile port scanner, these tools offer a range of functionalities that might not neatly fit into a specific category but are nonetheless essential for comprehensive security.

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  1. Metasploit Frameworkopen in new window
    • Description: Penetration testing framework for vulnerability discovery and exploitation.
  2. OpenVASopen in new window
    • Description: Vulnerability scanner and manager.
  3. Security Onionopen in new window
    • Description: Linux distribution for intrusion detection, enterprise security monitoring.
  4. Cuckoo Sandboxopen in new window
    • Description: Automated malware analysis system.
  5. BeEFopen in new window
    • Description: The Browser Exploitation Framework.
  6. YARAopen in new window
    • Description: Tool aimed at helping malware researchers identify and classify malware.
  7. GRR Rapid Responseopen in new window
    • Description: Incident response framework.
  8. MISPopen in new window
    • Description: Threat sharing platform.
  9. The Sleuth Kitopen in new window
    • Description: Library for digital forensics.
  10. Volatilityopen in new window
    • Description: Advanced memory forensics framework.
  11. Radare2open in new window
    • Description: Portable reversing framework.
  12. Qubes OSopen in new window
    • Description: Security-focused desktop operating system.