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We provide highly specialized IT security services that include full forensic analysis and investigation for businesses wishing to resolve HR issues, or for those who have been the victim of a security breach.

Redoracle Forensic
RedOracle's forensic analysis services enable the successful management and resolution of security breaches and HR issues.

Our ability to investigate, identify, collect and present forensic data evidence can help your business to efficiently and effectively recover from security breaches and sensitively resolve cases of internal IT misuse.

RedOracle operates a Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) in order to assist businesses that have suffered a security breach. This team will assist you in identifying the problem, diagnosing the extent of the breach, containment of the damage, eradication of hostile code, recovery of lost data, and revising your security in order to prevent further breaches.

Responsibility in a Complex World

The growing complexity and connectivity of the digital world means that criminal activity is an increasing concern for any business using IT and the internet. Corporate governance and employment law places additional burdens upon business. To ensure that your business is not compromised, it pays to entrust your security to RedOracle's computer forensic specialists, who use industry-leading techniques and technology to protect your business.

RedOracle Forensics Image
RedOracle Forensics Image

Advanced Computer Forensics

RedOracle's forensic specialists can thoroughly investigate and report on all activity within your business's IT environment, how and what the systems have and are being used for. Should the security breach or misuse under investigation be subject to legal proceedings, our forensic specialist's procedures ensure that the legal case is in no way compromised, and that all evidence remains intact.

Dedicated Incident Response

RedOracle's dedicated Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) can assist you in dealing with security breaches from outside and inside your organization. RedOracle's CIRT deploy the same forensic systems and methodology as leading law enforcement agencies, including the CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard. Our specialists' can quickly identify the nature of the breach and immediately take steps to minimize any damage caused. Where appropriate, CIRT staff can recover lost data and advise you on how changes to security policy and procedures can help prevent further breaches.

Our Forensic Services include:

  • Discovery requests
  • Internal investigations
  • Incident response
  • Compliance auditing
  • Risk auditing
  • Due diligence
  • Data recovery