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Conduct of business or sector intervention, in order to identify the threats and attacks' scenario, the consequent level of risk and fixes definition.

Redoracle Audits

Security reviews and risk assessment

  • Secure design reviews
  • Code reviews
  • Deployment reviews
  • Corporate policy reviews

System Design and Specification
System Design and Specification recognizes that information security management is a dynamic and continuously developing process. draws on a wealth of experience to assist you in the design and specification of an integrated security solution that addresses your business needs.

Policy and Procedures
Policy and Procedures has developed a secure policy service – this helps organizations understand their exact security position vis-á-vis current regulations ( e.g. HIPAA,BS7799 etc.). RedOracle will work hand-in-hand with management to help you ascertain your organization's attitude to risk-taking and exposure. Armed with this information we help you devise a new security policy from the ground up, or revise an existing policy.

Compliance Testing
Compliance Testing

RedOracle conducts compliance testing in relation to existing company compliance documents or with regard to HIPAA, Sarbonne Oxley, BS7799 etc. Through gap analysis, Red Oracle will deliver a comprehensive report on your operational, procedural and documentation compliance.

Outsourced Security Personnel
Outsourced Security Personnel

Support the client with expertise and knowledge, useful to direct the strategies and facilitate the choices in ICT field.

RedOracle offers security expertise without the overheads. From short term to long term projects, RedOracle can provide the security knowledge needed to ensure a secure business.

Infrastructure Reviews
Infrastructure Reviews

By providing an informed and independent assessment of critical infrastructures and applications, RedOracle can help you ensure that your risk is reduced and your investment maximized through well-designed technology and process components.

Security Audits and Penetration Testing
Security Audits and Penetration Testing

RedOracle performs comprehensive testing and reviews of your existing security platform and procedures in accordance with recognized standards for auditing and penetration testing. Regular testing is essential to ensure that your systems continue to be protected despite the development of new attacks.

Consider it as somebody exploit your front entrance wide open whereas they check that the key fits.

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